The Artists At Large At Summer's End ~ The Draper Rendezvous . . .”

Alyssa Joy cliffy

Alyssa Joy Claffey

Violinist ~ Vocalist

Ketchum, Idaho

Alyssa Joy Claffey is the founder of Gypsy Music Collective, a private music studio and booking co-op in Ketchum. A true Idaho girl, she was born on a bus and raised in the mountains of Robie Creek. After insisting on getting a violin at the age of five, she quickly discovered her love and passion for the instrument which led her to a life-long pursuit of all things musical. This included a music scholarship to College of Idaho where she obtained her degree in Violin Performance and Music Education, and successfully winning an audition to the Boise Philharmonic at the age of 18.  After an eleven year stint as a full-time music educator, she has branched out to passionately pursue her career as a performing artist.

She joined High Mtn Heard in 2017, and has been given incredible opportunities to play with local and touring bands including, Ry Bradley, Strange Hotels, Jeff Crosby and the Refugees, Tony Holiday, Useful Jenkins, Robbie Walden, Mark Mueller, Andrew Sheppard, Frenchie and the Flies, and Old Death Whisper to name a few! 
In 2019 she opened 5B Music Company located at 780 Warm Springs, right by Grumpy's in Ketchum, to supply all the great local musicians with the gear they need and provide quality music instruction for the next generation of performers! 

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If I Ever Leave This World Alive

Matt Sloan

Matt Sloan


Bozeman, Montana

Matt Sloan, Wood River Valley Graduate, "Horn Musician"

Played at Northern Rockies Music Festival with Steph Sloan (Sister), Cole & The Thornes, (Currently in PermaFunk).  Matt Sloan also played as an "Artist At Large" for Sawtooth Valley Gathering in Stanley, Idaho in 2017.

His unique sound blasts funk, soul and r & b sounds that drive the soul to another level of serene music listening.  


Cole Wells

Guitarist ~ Steel Pedal Guitar

Blaine County, Idaho

Legendary prodigal guitarist Cole Wells grew up on the main streets of Hailey, Idaho shredding guitar like it was going out of style!

Past band involvement:

 Dandelion Greens, Old Death Whisperer, Andrew Sheppard Band, and many more

Currently Cole Wells is the face melting, rock n roll licks shredding lead guitarist for local "BLAKADAAR"